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Le Morte D'Arthur

I. The Tale of Arthur – The Birth of the Ideal
     A. Merlin – The Ambiguous Beginning
     B. Balin – The Force of Destiny
     C. Torre and Pellinore – Stating the Ideals
     D. War with the Five Kings – Testing the Order
     E. Arthur and Accolon – The Tale of Evil
     F. Gawain, Uwayne, and Marhaus – Restating the Ideals

II.  The Tale of King Arthur and the Emperor Lucius – The Universal Order
      A. Marriage o Guinevere
      B.  Arthur and the Order prepares to leave Britain
      C.Fight with Lucius
      D .Artur conquers Flanders, Lorraine, Germany, Lombardy, and Tuscany

III.  Launcelot du Lake – The Perfect Worldly Knight

IV.  The Tale of Sir Gareth – The Fair Unknown

V.  The Book of Sir Tristram of Lyoness – The Man of Love

VI.  The Tale of the Sangreal – Holiness and the Quest for Perfection
       A. The quest and the pilgrimage
       B. Launcelot
       C. Perceval
       D. Bors
       E. Galahad and Fulfillment

VII.  The Book of SirLauncelot and Queen Guinevere – The Pause That Regresses
       B.”The Fair Mad of Astolat”
       C. “The Great Tournament”
       D. “The Knight of  the Cart”
       E. “The Healing of Sir Urry”

VIII.  Le Morte D’Arthur – Death and Destruction