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Beowulf Part II

So now Beowulf and the Danes and the Geats are having a terrific party after the defeat of Grendel. Every one has been chugging (not a good idea even for men who are strong like bull), so they all sleep well. We know, however, that something nasty is going to go down tonight, though, because of the foreshadowing.

All is quiet, the men as asleep with their gear at their heads, when all of a sudden, Mom comes to the mead hall. She grabs one of Hrothgar’s men (thane) and Grendel’s arm and runs for her crib.

Now there is more sadness and mourning in Heorot! So naturally, they call Beowulf who has been sleeping elsewhere. Hmmmm – Beowulf agrees to see what’s what and take care of the problem.

Hrothgar tells Beowulf that there were two monsters that his peeps had eyed. (Nice to let Beowulf in on that now!) One was a female (oh, really) and one was Grendel. Ok, yada, yada, yada. Let’s get to the action.

Everyone leaves the hall on the path of blood. They come across Ashere’s head (ewwww) which Mom had apparently dropped. They pass through a forest that is all frozen (hoar frost). (Beowulf probably wishes he had brought his gloves. Nah – he’s strong like bull!) They come across a really gross lake – fire on the water, sea monsters, misty, etc. (I wonder if that’s where Deep Purple got their lyrics. Hmmmm)

Ok, so Beowulf kills one of the sea monsters and everybody ohhs and ahhs over it. Yeah, yeah, he’s cool. Then Beowulf dons (puts on) his helmet, chain mail (byrny), grabs the sword Unferth gave him – Hrunting – and jumps into the water.

So after a day of swimming down (Beowulf is not only strong like bull, but he has great lungs, too.), he’s grabbed by Mom. Thank goodness, Beowulf has his chain mail on! Monsters try to get him as Mom takes him into her crib, which luckily has no water in it. Now Beowulf can take a big breath.

Beowulf takes Hrunting and swings at Mom, but nothing happens. He throws the sword down figuring he’ll have to depend on his strength. Mom grabs him and throws him down. She takes her dagger and tries to stab him. Luckily, Beowulf’s byrny saves his life. Beowulf jumps up and eyes a sword left over from the time of the giants. (Before Yao Ming or Shaq)

Beowulf, who is the only one who can pick up the sword because he is strong like bull and has the strength of 30, swings the sword and chops Mom’s head off. YAY! Immediately, a light shines in the cave. Then he looks around to make sure there are no other monsters, and he sees the body of Grendel. He chops off Grendel’s head, too. Immediately, the blade of the giant’s sword melts. I guess what ever blood was left in Grendel was too poisonous; it ate through the metal of the blade. Beowulf only had the hilt left.

Beowulf takes Grendel’s head, the hilt of the giant’s sword, and Hrunting and swims up to the surface. (good lungs)

Ok, another party, this time no one gets drunk. You never know what’s lurking in the dark.

Hrothgar gets all mushy, gives him 12 treasures and advice. He tells Beowulf not to get greedy or too proud. Remember to share the wealth. He tells Beowulf that they probably won’t meet again since he (Hrothgar) is really old. Sob, sob! Beowulf and his men traipse down to the water to board their boat for home. Beowulf rewards the guard for watching his ride while he as busy by giving him a really blinged out sword.