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Macbeth Act V

Scene 1

Notice that Lady Macbeth’s wish from Act I did not come true. (“Stop up the access and passage to remorse, that no compunctious visitings of nature shake my fell purpose, nor keep peach between the effect and it!” I, 5, l40-43)

Can you see where she’s referring to each murder?

Line 4 and 5 - To whom was she writing? Lady Macduff, maybe?

Notice the reference to light.

The next 7 scenes move very quickly. They shift from the “rebels” to Macbeth - back and forth

Scene 2

Line 14 - notice the reference to “valiant fury”

Line 20-22 - great clothing imagery!

Scene 3

Macbeth is hold to those two prophecies. We see how Macbeth is losing it in this scene. He goes from demanding and confident to melancholy (I have lived long enough . . .)

Scene 4

Look at what Malcolm is saying lines 4-7. There goes one of the prophecies.

Scene 5

The death of Lady Macbeth. Look closely at lines 19 - 28. This is one of the most famous soliloquies of the play. We see despondent Macbeth. He’s almost suicidal here.

How does Macbeth react when he here’s that Birnam wood is coming up Dunsinane Hill? He finally realizes that the witches have been playing with him.

Scene 6

Easy to understand

Scene 7

Great opening image. Macbeth is still holding to the “none of woman born” message. We see him being his old nasty self with Young Siward.

Macduff will only fight with Macbeth. He wants revenge.

Scene 8

Another great opening. If you have read Julius Caesar you know the reference. Do we see a bit of humanity in Macbeth when he won’t fight Macduff? (lines 4-6)

What does Macduff tell Macbeth that has Macbeth refusing to fight him?

How does Macduff goad Macbeth into fighting? Does Macbeth go out with “valiant fury”?

In Shakespeare’s plays that are based on factual history, he always has the next ruler speak the last speech. Interesting, huh?