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Bonus Book List

If you read books on this list, you will be entitled to 25% more 
pages. After the title of the book you will see two numbers in 
parentheses separated by a /.  The first number is the actual 
pages, the second number is the page value - actual pages plus 
25%.  A title with an asterisk (*) denotes a play.  A title with 
a double asterisk (**) denotes a poem.

Author                       Title

Adams                        Watership Down (478/598)
Albee                        Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe? (242/303)                                                                        
Atwood                       The Handmaid's Tale  (395/494)
Austen                       Emma  (446/560)
                             Pride and Prejudice  (378/473)
                             Sense and Sensibility  (313/391)
Baldwin                      Go Tell It On The Mountain (303/379)
Balzac                       Pere Goriot  (328/410)
Beckett                      Waiting For Godot  (121/151)
Bronte, C.                   Jane Eyre  (501/626)
                             Villette  (622/778)
Bronte, E.                   Wuthering Heights  (320/400)
Bunyan                       Pilgrim's Progress  (418/522)
Camus                        The Stranger  (154/193)
Cather                       O Pioneer  (308/385)
Cervantes                    Don Quixote (846/1058)
Conrad                       Lord Jim  (417/521)
                             Heart of Darkness  
                             The Secret Sharer
Cooper                       The Last of the Mohicans (415/519)
Crane                        The Red Badge of Courage  (205/255)
Dana                         Two Years Before the Mast
Dante                        The Divine Comedy  (426/532)
Defoe                        Robinson Crusoe  (387/484)
Dickens                      David Copperfield  (826/1033)
                             Great Expectations  (598/748)
                             Tale of Two Cities  (479/599)
Dostoyevsky                  Brothers Karamazov  (729/911)
                             Crime and Punishment  (542/678)
Dreiser                      Sister Carrie  (408/510)
Dumas                        Count of Monte Cristo  (509/636)
Edmonds                      Drums Along the Mohawk  (592/740)
Eliot                        Mill on the Floss  (522/653)
                             Silas Marner  (241/301)
Eliot                        Murder in the Cathedral  
Ellison                      The Invisible Man  (439/549)
Faulkner                     Sound and the Fury  (427/534)
                             As I Lay Dying  (250/313)
                             Light in August  (480/600)
                             Sanctuary (341/426)
Fitzgerald                   Tender is the Night  (349/493)
Flaubert                     Madame Bovary  (451/564)
Franklin                     Autobiography  
Galsworthy                   Forsyte Saga  (890/1090)
Gardner                      Grendel (174/216)
Goldsmith                    She Stoops to Conquer  
Greene                       Power and Glory
Graves                       I, Claudius  (427/534)
                             Claudius The God  (467/584)
Hardy                        Mayor of Casterbridge (411/511)
                             Jude the Obscure  (438/548)
                             Return of the Native (485/606)
Hawthorne                    House of the Seven Gables (378/473)
Hellman                     *The Little Foxes
                            *Toys in the Attic  
Hemingway                    Farewell to Arms  (332/415)
                             For Whom the Bell Tolls  (507/634)
                             The Sun Also Rises  (247/309)
Hesse                        Siddhartha  (153/191)
Howells                      Rise of Silas Lapham  (402/503)
Hugo                         Les Miserables  
                             Hunchback of Notre Dame (491/614)  
Homer                      **The Illiad
                           **The Odyssey  (416/520)
                           **The Odyssey (416/520) 
Huxley                       Brave New World  (267/336)
Ibsen                       *Ghosts  (82/103)
                            *An Enemy of the People  (113/141)
                            *A Doll's House  (92/115)
                            *Hedda Gabler  (104/130)
Joyce                        Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man  (253/316)
Kafka                        Metamorphosis  (60/75)
                             The Trial  (229/266)
Kingston                     The Woman Warrior  (243/304)
Kosinski                     Being There (140/175)
                             The Painted Bird  (251/314)
Lawrence                     Women In Love  
                             Sons and Lovers  (420/525)
Lewis                        Babbit  (401/501)
                             Main Street  (450/562)
Lee                          To Kill a Mockingbird  (284/355)
London                       Sea Wolf  (252/315)
Manzoni                      The Betrothed  (536/670)
Marshall                     Brown Girl, Brownstones  (324/405)
McCollough                   The Great Bridge
                             Path Between the Seas
Melville                     Billy Budd  (431/539)
Moliere                      The Miser (63/77)
                             Tartuffe (164/201)
Morganthau                   White Jacket
Morrison                     Beloved  (275/344)
                             The Bluest Eye  (160/200)
O'Brien                      Going After Cacciato  (395/494)
O'Connor                     Good Country People
O'Neill                     *Long Day's Journey Into Night (111/139)  
                            *The Iceman Cometh (260/325)
Orwell                       Nineteen Eighty-Four  (267/334)
Ovid                         The Metamorphoses (441/551)
Paton                        Cry, the Beloved Country  (283/354)
Plath                        The Bell Jar  (311/389)
Poe                          Fall of the House of Usher (20/25)
Richardson                   Pilgrimage
Rolvaag                      Giants in the Earth
Rostand                     *Cyrano De Bergerac (250/313)
Salzman                      Iron & Silk  (211/264)
Satre                       *No Exit (47/59)
Scott                        The Heart of Midlothian
                             Ivanhoe  (467/584))
Shaw                        *Arms and the Man
                            *Pygmalion  (148/185)
                             Saint Joan
Shelley                      Frankenstein (236/295)
Sheridan                     The School for Scandal
Sinclair                     The Jungle  (341/426)
Steinbeck                    Grapes of Wrath  (619/774)
                             East of Eden  (778/973)
                             Travels With Charley  (275/344)
Stevenson                    Kidnapped (318/398)
                             Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  (114/143)
Stoker                       Dracula  (486/607)
Stowe                        Uncle Tom's Cabin  (494/618)
Styron                       Sophie's Choice
Swift                        Gulliver's Travels  (321/401)
Tennyson                   **Idylls of the King
                           **In Memoriam  (40/50)
Thackeray                    Vanity Fair  (822/1027)
Thoreau                      Walden (358/448)
Tolstoy                      Anna Karenina  (870/1088)
                             War and Peace  (1136/1420)
Twain                        Conn. Yankee in King Arthur's Court (450/563)
                             Life on the Mississippi
Updike                       Rabbit, Run  (307/384)
Uris                         Exodus  (626/783)
                             Trinity  (751/939)
Voltaire                     Candide  (299/374)
Vonnegut                     Cat's Cradle  (231/287)
                             Slaughterhouse Five  (215/269)
Walker                       The Color Purple  (295/369)
Waugh                        Brideshead Revisited
Wharton                      Birdy
Wilde                        The Picture of Dorian Gray  (264/330)
Wolfe                        Look Homeward, Angel (626/783)
                             You Can't Go Home Again  (740/925)
Woolf                        To The Lighthouse  (310/388)
Wright                       Native Son  (502/625)
                             Black Boy  (453/566)
Yezierska                    Bread Givers  (297/371)

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