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Period 4 English 12

Bring textbook and notebook Monday through Thursday. Bring your independent reading book on Friday.

Because of the school closing due to snow, Monday, January 6 will be a reading/interview day. Monday will count for Friday, January 2. That means that you can show me a book on Monday and still give me an interview on Friday, January10. Or you can give me two interviews - one on Monday, January 6 and one on Friday, January 10. Any questions, just e-mail me.

Reading - 
860 pages = 100%
780 pages = 95%
700 pages = 90%
620 pages = 85%
540 pages = 80%
460 pages = 75%
380 pages - 70%
300 pages = 65%

Remember, only one interview per person per week. I must have seen you reading your book in class at least one week before an interview. Bring your book with you to class.

Mrs. Morano's High School Booklist


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