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Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to create a persuasive techniques presentation.

(In reality, Mr. Phelps, you have no choice. You must accept this assignment.)

You may choose to complete a Power Point Presentation, a Publisher Brochure, or a web page. You are to incorporate into each at least four of the persuasive techniques that we have learned in class. You may work with one other student, if you wish.

Due dates:

       January 10    Decide on a project and whether or not you are working alone
       January 17    "Hand in raw material" - 
                          Power Point Story Board or
                          Brochure page "break out" or
                          Web page Essay Outline
       January 24    First "draft" of which ever project you are doing
       January 25    Final "draft" for approval
       January 31    Presentations